Why Denimography?

We were founded in 2012 and have not looked back since. Since then, we’ve been revolutionising the denim industry, bringing the best of Bangladesh fashion to the rest of the world.

Our roster also includes designers, merchandisers, sourcing specialists, QA experts and garment technologists. Have a passion for denim? Then why not apply via the below.

Freelance Account Manager

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We are a London based fully Denim Range Sourcing, Design & R&D whom are looking for a Sales Account Manager to cover independent accounts throughout UK and Europe.

This successful individual will be responsible for the managing day to day sales, servicing all existing accounts and tasked with opening new accounts across the UK and Europe.

Please note that this is a FREELANCE position.

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Over 10 years of sourcing, design and production expertise

Our Work Process

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    Our team closely works with different suppliers to source and develop all elements needed to make a new garment.

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    Our in-house designer team is constantly developing new design to meet current market trends and demands.

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    From concept, design to approval, our bulk production team needs only a few weeks to prepare your orders.

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    Quality Control

    We ensure full quality control at all stages in every process. We believe only in high-quality products.

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    We endeavour to meet every deadline. Our market experience and dedicated hard work means we never fall behind.

Expertise when you need it

Meet Our Experts

With over 20 years specialised industry experience in denim and knitwear products, you can rest assured your sourcing needs are in safe hands.

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