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Our Clients

We are proud to work with some of the world’s most prestigious brands and renown high street retailers. Alongside our clients, we are constantly striving to innovate the industry and create the future of fashion through new fits, washes, fabrics and designs. We work with our clients to drive efficiencies in manufacturing and supply chain processes as well as promote and develop more sustainable ways of working together.

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Our Associated Partner

At Denimography Ltd, we care about long-term relationships and have been working in association with industry experts for over ten years. With 22 production lines run by highly experienced people, this allows us to achieve monthly outputs of up to 1.2 million garments.

  • Denim & Textile Co. Ltd
  • Yester Jeans Limited
  • Apparel Export Limited
  • PRS Apparels Limited

Manufacturing / Other

Stitching is the main function within the ready-made manufacturing industry. We have best quality stitching machines and highly experienced working teams. We measure stitching quality by stitch size, stitch length, width, depth, tension, sequence, elongation, elasticity, resilience, fabric distortion, yarn severance and abrasive strength. Compared to industry standards of 18 to 20 stitch types, our associates, partners and skilled personnel make use of more than 70 different stitch types in their ready–made garments manufacturing process.

Our Washing Process is a core strength that gives that unique look to the garments. Our washing plant is fully equipped for all types of denim and soft washes, providing that extra added value. This means we can make our products great value for money whilst maintaining outstanding quality.

Our Drying process is as much an art as it is a technique. Our drying process allows us to create jeans with a distinct character and bespoke to your individual needs.

Our Wet process also utilises highly experienced technicians and wet process experts who are relentlessly working on innovations, new finishes and solutions for our customers.

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Coming Soon.

Respect for all people in all cultures is a cornerstone of our company, whether we're traveling the world in search of inspiration for our clothing collection or working in unison with manufacturing partners to make the clothes in that collection. By deepening collaboration with industry groups and other brands, we help to address issues facing the entire apparel industry, issues that no single company can solve alone.

We follow ethical sourcing practices so we can all feel good about our global impact. We are mindful of our presence in the world and our responsibility to those around us. While we can't be in every factory all the time, we are incredibly diligent to ensure that our partners around the globe follow the highest possible standards. We have no tolerance for anything unlawful or even slightly questionable

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